2018 ALAS survey has CLOSED.

Thank You.

We would like to sincerely thank the US and Canadian institutions who have provided the metrics and data vital to our industry. The preliminary report has been emailed to participants.

STATT (Statistics Access for Technology Transfer)

STATT is the authoritative source for ALAS data from 1991 through 2017. Access to STATT is through AUTM.NET, and is available free of charge for 2018 ALAS respondents. STATT is also available through paid subscription to AUTM members (discount) and others. Login to STATT 4.1 through AUTM.NET.

Transition to New Platforms with a Little History

The current versions of ALAS/STATT may be replaced with a new software system for 2019 in an effort being led by Ragan C. Robertson.

The "AUTM survey" started collecting licensing data around 1991. Developed and operated by Diane C. Hoffman, it was a "paper survey" with mail-in forms, and a huge amount of work. I am told that it helped put the Association of University Technology Managers (or "AUTM") on the map. Richard Colman developed the first online version in 2000-2001 working with Diane C. Hoffman. and have been supporting technology transfer metrics through to this 2018 version of ALAS and STATT.

Along the way, we worked with luminaries like Ashley Stephens, Lori Pressman, John Fraser, John Ritter, Richard Kordal, Dana Bostrom, Robin Razor, and the list goes on and on. There were versions of the survey for Europe, Chile, and Colombia.

But, nineteen years is a very long time for this sort of thing, and this is my last season. Some of the people instrumental to these efforts included Nola Colman, Randy Adkins, Nick Stein, Lyle Wiedeman, Dave Schetter and a host of other talented people. Kudos to all.

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