2018 Survey Announcement

First Time Check-in

The survey will open for check-in on Monday, Feb 18. What happens during the check-in process?

Think of it as a quick and easy "shake-down cruise" to ensure you can connect and login to the survey. Then, please indicate whether your institution plans to respond this year.

Important Dates

  • 2/18/2019: First time check-in for respondents
  • 2/25/2019: Survey opens for data collection
  • 4/10/2019: Survey closes

Please note that the survey will be open and available for six weeks, instead of the previous eight week period.

New or Changed Contact

If your institution is new to ALAS, or there has been a change in the institutional contact, please respond using the contact form, or email AUTM Headquarters for additional information and assistance.

The three previous supplementary questions have been moved into the main questionnaire, onto Tab 4-IP. Your response to these questions is requested:

  • Q.12C: What was the amount spent on external legal fees for patents and/or copyrights, that were billed directly from legal service provider to the startup
  • Q.13C4: Of NEW PATENT APPLICATIONS FILED, how many included a woman (one or more) on the application form?
  • Q.13F: How many of the DISCLOSURES in (13A) included a woman (one or more) on the disclosure form?

STATT (Statistics Access for Technology Transfer )

STATT is the authoritative source for ALAS data from 1991 through 2017. Access to STATT is through AUTM.NET, and is available free of charge, for 2018 ALAS respondents. STATT is also available through paid subscription to AUTM members (discount) and others. Login to STATT 4.1 through AUTM.NET.

Transition to New Platforms

The current versions of ALAS/STATT may be replaced with a new software offering enhanced services. Look for upcoming announcements.

We developed the first online version of ALAS (then called the AUTM Survey) in 2000-2001 working with Diane C. Hoffman, and have been supporting technology transfer metrics to this 2018 version of ALAS and STATT. Along the way, we worked with luminaries like Ashley Stephens, Lori Pressman, John Fraser, and the list goes on and on. There were versions for Europe, Chile, and Colombia.

But nineteen years is a very long time for this sort of thing, and this is our last season. Some of the people instrumental to these efforts included Richard (Rick) Colman,
Nola J. Colman, Randy Adkins, Nick Stein, Lyle Wiedeman, Dave Schetter and a host of other talented people. Kudos to all.

For additional information or to provide feedback, contact us.

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